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Saturday, November 16, 2013
Reality bites with a pivotal USDA feed crop report's release
Monetary reflation and months of deflation discounted the bearish sting out of November'sWASDE report, but it still left feed crops with very little in the way of upward potential.
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US to reclaim its spot as top corn exporter in 2014
Brazil's corn exports in 2013 have surpassed last year's record as the agricultural superpower gained international market share with US stocks still low, but it is forecast that the US is set to make a huge comeback in 2014.
Ukraine sends first shipment of poultry meat to EU
During the end of October 2013, the first consignment of poultry meat was shipped from Ukraine to the EU and egg exports are expected to start in December.
US issues certification for beta agonist-free meat
A new certification is available to US beef or pork suppliers that want to market their products as never fed beta agonists and free of beta-agonist residues, according to the USDA's Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS).
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Malaysia to boost food and agricultural exports through new council
Malaysia will establish a 'Food and Agro Council for Export' to boost the country's export of local agricultural products and have allocated US$1.9 billion to implement numerous agricultural programmes.
Sri Lanka aims for self-sufficiency in egg production by 2014
The Sri Lankan Ministry of Economic Development announced that the country has taken measures to be self-sufficient in the production of chicken eggs by 2014 and will take measure to cease egg imports.
India's shrimp export jumps nearly 70%
Fuelled by increased demand resulting from the global shortage of farmed shrimps, the share of shrimps in India's seafood exports has jumped from around 52% to nearly 70%.
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Brazil to increase corn exports to China
Brazil, the second biggest corn exporter after the US, signed an agreement with China on November 6, allowing Brazil to export large amounts of corn to China for the first time.
China to tighten rules on meat 'recycling' by errant producers
The Chinese central government will focus on closing a loophole that has left space for 'recycling' of expired meat products in its review of the significant amendments of its National Food Safety Law made in June 2009.
Yili partners Italy's Sterilgarda Alimenti to develop quality milk products
Inner Mongolia Yili Industrial Group Co has formed a strategic partnership with Italy's Sterilgarda Alimenti SpA, allowing Yili to enhance its technological capabilities and develop quality milk products.
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Russia's Prioskolye to build lysine production plant in Belgorod Region
Prioskolye, the largest poultry producer in Russia, has commissioned a new plant for the production of feed lysine in the Belgorod Region of Russia, which will begin operation this December.
Lactalis Group to acquire majority stake in India's Tirumala Milk Products
Lactalis Group, the world's largest food product company with sales of EUR15 billion (US$20.20 billion), is close to signing an agreement with shareholders of Hyderabad-based Tirumala Milk Products to buy a majority stake in the dairy company, according to sources.
Cargill India to build US$15.8-million cattle feed mill in Punjab
Cargill India will construct a INR100-crore (US$15.8 million) cattle feed plant in the Malwa belt in Punjab, with a production capacity of 75,000 tonnes per annum, to cater to the cattle and dairy industry in Punjab and Rajasthan.
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November 26, 2013: VI International Conference «Russian Grain: Black Sea Vector»
November 26, 2013: YUGAGRO 2013
November 27, 2013: Poultry India 2013
December 2, 2013: AGRILIVESTOCK Myanmar 2013
December 3, 2013: Global AgInvestingSM Europe
December 5, 2013: Aquafeed Platform AMERICAS - 13th Practical Short Course Trends and Markets in Aquaculture Feed Ingredients, Nutrition, Formulation and Optimized Feed Production and Quality Management
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China Lysine Weekly: Prices plunge 6% amid tough competition (week ended Nov 13, 2013)
China Methionine Weekly: Prices surge 4% in five weeks (week ended Nov 11, 2013)
China Corn Weekly: Prices remain soft amid increasing supplies (week ended Nov 8, 2013)
China Soymeal Weekly: Decline in China soymeal market slows following USDA report (week ended Nov 8, 2013)
China Fishmeal Weekly: Market remains soft as demand falls (week ended Nov 14, 2013)
China Whey Weekly: Ample supplies and low demand weigh on prices (week ended Nov 8, 2013)
China Piglet Weekly: Prices cease to fall amid tight release (week ended Nov 13, 2013)
China Live Hog Weekly: North and south divide in hog prices (week ended Nov 11, 2013)
China Broiler Weekly: Ups and downs in prices as supply-demand balance tilts (week ended Nov 13, 2013)
China Feed Market Monthly Review: Feed output contracts in China amid lower animal population
Lower cassava-based ethanol demand may affect cassava price in near term (week ended Nov 4)
Thailand to pursue Japanese market while chicken prices stay stable (week ended Nov 8, 2013)
Thailand shrimp prices start to stabilise after rising last week (week ended Nov 7, 2013)
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Adoption of radio-frequency identification to establish traceability in Taiwanese eel exported to the Japanese market
The aim of this article is to promote use of the RFID (radio frequency of identification) system in exportation of eel from Taiwan to Japan.

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